The Crossroads Health Story

How we became the only company on mission to eliminate the credit balance problem once and for all

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How We Started

After years working at a traditional credit balance vendor, whose services are designed to recover revenues for insurance companies, our founders decided that it was time for a new approach.

It was time for a solution built for providers, one that eliminated credit balances for good.

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Complacency vs Control

There are two paths to credit balance resolution, complacency and control. Crossroads Health was formed to help providers take the better path - control.

Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate credit balances at their genesis and proliferate modern patient refund technology, eliminating billions of dollars in waste.

Taking back control of credit balances awards healthcare providers the financial stability required to provide critical healthcare services to their communities.

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Strong Values.
Innovative Culture.


Dishonesty has caused many of the problems we face in RCM, we seek to reverse that damage.


At the heart of everything we do is innovation, it's what we're passionate about and what we'll always pursue.


The cornerstone of our client relationships and staff culture is doing all things with integrity.


Big problems aren't solved alone, that's why collaborative work is central to our culture.


Complacency is our enemy and when we do something, we aim to do it right and to our full capacity.


In an industry that is notoriously opaque, we believe the future of healthcare is transparency.

Say Goodbye to Credit Balances

Get on the path to zero credits today with the help of Crossroads Health.