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Medicare Credit Balance Reporting

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CMS-838 Reports

What you Need to Know

The CMS-838 is a mandatory quarterly report
Failure to file could suspend Medicare payments
If filed improperly, you may be subject to penalties
You must NEVER falsify information on an 838
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CMS-838 Filing Risks

Understanding The Risks

Don’t downplay the importance of properly filing CMS-838 reports. According to, “Anyone who misrepresents, falsifies, conceals or omits any essential information may be subject to fine, imprisonment, or civil money penalties under applicable federal laws.”

Here are just a few of the potential risks your organization could face:

  • Suspension of Medicare Payments & Eligibility
  • Massive Fines ($10k per credit, per day)
  • Personal Liability & Imprisonment ($250k & up to 5 years)
  • Interest Applied to Uncollected Credit Balances
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Explore the risks of improper filing & how to avoid them

Resolve Medicare Credits for Good

Don't Just Get By,
Get Ahead!

Clearly there are concerns regarding improper filing, but there's still more to the story. What about preventing Medicare credit balances from being created in the first place?

What if overpayments were resolved immediately, so when 838 reports came due you could simply sign the affidavit of no credit balances? What a relief that would be!

Crossroads Health makes this possible by assisting you with 838 reporting, as well as offering a complete credit balance solution designed to resolve all accounts and prevent future credits by identifying their root causes.

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CMS-838 Report FAQs

When are CMS-838 reports due?

Medicare credit balance reports are due quarterly:

: On or before April 30
Q2: On or before July 30
Q3: On or before October 30
Q4: On or before January 30

How do I file my CMS-838?

Submit a completed CMS-838 to your fiscal intermediary (FI) within 30 days after the close of each calendar quarter. Include in the report all Medicare credit balances shown in your accounting records (including transfer, holding or other general accounts used to accumulate credit balance funds) as of the last day of the reporting quarter. Report all Medicare credit balances shown in your records, regardless of when they occurred. You are responsible for reporting and repaying all improper or excess payments you have received from the time you began participating in the Medicare program.

Once you identify and report a credit balance on the CMS-838 report, do not report the same credit balance on subsequent CMS-838 reports.

If you have questions about this process, we're happy to answer them in more detail. Schedule an 838 review today!

Why do we have so many Medicare credits? How do we resolve them?

Healthcare providers should take proactive steps to prevent Medicare credit balances, such as:

  • Assess billing procedures to ensure compliance with CMS billing requirements.
  • Resolving all Medicare and Medicaid credit balances within 60 days of payment.
  • Implement a process for filing 838s in a timely manner.
  • Get help from the credit balance experts at Crossroads Health!

Where do I find the CMS-838 form?

You can download the official 838 form directly from CMS HERE.

What if I have no Medicare credit balances to report?

That's great! Even if no Medicare credit balances are shown in your records for the reporting quarter, you must still have the form signed and submitted to your FI in attestation of this fact. Only a signed certification page needs to be submitted if your facility has no Medicare credit balances as of the last day of the reporting quarter. An electronic file (or hard copy) of the certification page is available from your FI.

Who should complete the 838 report?

An officer, such as the CFO or CEO, or the Administrator of your facility must sign and date the certification page.