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Oct 5, 2023

Why We Started Crossroads Health

How we became the only company on mission to eliminate credit balances for good.

Why We Started Crossroads Health

The Backstory

Crossroads Health was founded in early 2019 by three healthcare finance professionals who came to the shocking realization that no vendors offering credit balance resolution services were fully solving the problem, in fact, many were perpetuating it! After years working at a traditional credit balance vendor, whose services are designed to recover revenues for insurance companies, Joshua Robinson and his co-founders decided that it was time for a new approach: It was time for a solution built for providers, one that eliminated credit balances at their source.

There are two paths to credit balance resolution, complacency and control. Crossroads Health was formed to help providers take the better path – control.

With over 500M credit balances created each year, and healthcare providers being years behind in resolving them, this problem is only getting worse – leading to enormous waste and strain on finances. Crossroads Health’s founders understood that for credit balances to be handled properly, a new approach would need to be employed.

The Mission

The Crossroads Health mission was born: To meet providers at the intersection of their relationship with patients, payers, and the government. By resolving credit balances faster and with greater accuracy, eliminating the root causes of credit balances and refunding patients using modern technology, we are achieving our mission with providers across the nation.

Taking back control of credit balances awards healthcare providers the financial stability required to provide critical healthcare services to their communities.

The Team

From the start, Crossroads Health has prioritized attracting top talent with specialized knowledge. Our core team is made up of analysts and operational leaders with 10+ years of credit balance experience, on average.

Take Carolyn Morales, for example, our Director of Operations. With nearly 20 years of credit balance experience at UnitedHealth Group, Carolyn brings a level of sophistication to our team that makes us better every day. Then take our Project Manager, Meenakshi Hall, who came to us after 12 years with Optum. We are lucky to be attracting such high caliber talent and know the future is bright with such amazing people.

The Results

Since our inception, Crossroads Health has assisted healthcare providers across the country approach credit balance resolution & recovery like never before. From large hospitals and health systems to small rural facilities, Crossroads Health’s expert analysts have helped resolve hundreds of thousands of credit balances – and that volume continues to grow by multiples.

With Crossroads Health’s complete solution, some providers have gotten to zero credit balances! That’s right, no credits to speak of whatsoever. We’ve also seen providers experience a substantial financial lift as a result of their backlogs being cleared and anticipated refund volume being dramatically reduced.

Plus, we’re improving compliance and helping providers mitigate the risks and cost associated with CMS regulation, etc. to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in fines avoided.

The Future

Crossroads Health intends to become the leading credit balance solution in the industry. And as one of the only provider-aligned services, this will not only be good for our company, but for providers. With our technology rapidly improving and our staff growing, we remain confident that the future we envision for credit balances is on the horizon.

Joshua Robinson
Joshua Robinson
COO | Partner
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