Credit Balance Resolution for Healthcare Providers

The only provider-aligned credit balance resolution service, powered by Crossroads Health

Illustration of Crossroads Health analysts resolving credit balances


Identify whether or not accounts are true overpayments in order to reduce cost and improve compliance.


Resolve ALL credits, regardless of source or dollar amount. That means all patient, government and commercial credits – resolved.


Prevent new credits from being created with detailed reporting, root-cause analysis and corrective action planning.


Avg. Years of Experience

Crossroads Health employs knowledgable, highly experienced analysts - all in the USA.


Resolutions via Refund

We strive to avoid refunds whenever possible, other vendors refund nearly twice as often.


Daily Resolutions per Analyst

Proprietary software enables our analysts to resolve hundreds of credit balance accounts per day.

Reduce Risk

Improper payments carry with them complex regulation and the potential for severe penalties - including personal fines, organizational fines, and even jail time. Mitigate risk by solving credit balances for good.

Realize More Revenue

By resolving all accounts and preventing future credits, you can reduce reserves and increase cash on hand. Our clients often experience a financial lift in the first 180 days of using the Crossfire service.

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