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May 16, 2023

Crossroads Health Announces “No Surprise Denials” Petition

Crossroads Health has launched efforts to combat inappropriate medical claims denials with a new petition.

Crossroads Health Announces “No Surprise Denials” Petition

Crossroads Health Announces “No Surprise Denials” Petition in an Effort to Penalize Commercial Health Insurance Payers for Inappropriately Denying Medical Claims.

Crossroads Health announced today the release of a petition aimed at gathering support from healthcare providers and the public relating to the matter of rampant inappropriate denials from commercial health insurance carriers. With enough support, Crossroads Health intends to bring forward proposed legislation entitled the “No Surprise Denials Act” to impose penalties on payers who unfairly and/or inappropriately deny claims.

With up to 30% of claims being denied, this worsening problem is negatively impacting healthcare providers’ ability to provide care and driving up cost for patients. While the largest commercial insurance payers profit billions annually, the average healthcare provider struggles to make any profit at all - with hospitals frequently operating at a loss.

“Payers use denials as a tool to reduce claims payments and not only as a tool to ensure payment integrity. Regulation is almost always aimed at penalizing healthcare providers when the true culprit is the payer, it's time for congress to act on regulation that finally holds them accountable.” - says Joshua Robinson, Chief Operations Officer at Crossroads Health.

The intended outcomes of this effort are as follows:

• Raise public awareness about the denials crisis affecting healthcare providers.

• Introduce proposed legislation to reduce inappropriate denials.

• Give healthcare providers a platform to express their concerns with payers.

• Reduce administrative and financial waste in healthcare by reducing denials.

To sign the petition, please visit

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Crossroads Health, a revenue cycle vendor based in Gardena, California, offers the most complete credit balance solution for healthcare providers. Crossroads Health is on mission to eliminate the billions of dollars in waste associated with revenue cycle management and offers two core services: Crossfire™ (the complete credit balance resolution service powered by expert analysts and proprietary technology) and Right Refund™ (a digital refund platform for patients). Unlike all other credit balance vendors Crossroads Health is not affiliated with any payer, meaning their incentives are aligned with the healthcare provider rather than the payer.

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